Saturday, April 30, 2016

Avoiding EventService problem

Problem Statement :

Avoiding the problem, "Event channel is unable to connect to web server. Do you want to reconnect?".

Kiran : Hey Champ, I am trying to build an application in cordys and I am facing a problem.

Champ : What is the problem that you are facing?

Kiran : There is no error while accessing cordys application, but this confirmation box keeps popping up every now and then only to increase irritation.

Champ : I did not get you :( 

Kiran : That error which is shown below,

Champ : That is not an error right? You can simple click "Yes" whenever it pops up. Wouldn't that solve the problem?

Kiran : Yes, that would solve the problem temporarily. Can I fix it permanently?

Champ : Ohh Yes, You can!!!! First tell me, Can you see any error in the debugging tools of the browser? You must be telling me something so that I can solve your problem.

Kiran : Yes, It is trying to download some of the resource and it is failing because of some ERR_HOST_NAME_ERROR or something. I don't remember exact error but what I do remember is that there is definitely a problem with the hostname. I am using the application using the IP Address.

Champ : Thank you!! That information really helps. Now can you try from the command prompt to ping the hostname and as well as the ip address that you are trying to connect. Then let me know the results.

Kiran : I am able to get a response from ping to IP Address but not to the hostname.

Champ : Look!!!! This is the problem. Your system is not able to look up the hostname for the IPAddress that you are connecting.

Kiran : What should I do for solving this problem?

Champ : Okay!!

  • Go to the mentioned folder and locate "hosts" file, shown below,

  • Then edit hosts file with an entry similar to below, 

  • Remember, is my local intranet IP address and the host names are also mine. Don't prove yourself dumb by just copy pasting the same whatever I have shown. Use your brain please.
Kiran : You must be kidding!!!! Anyways thanks for your help champ. I understood the problem and it solved it :) See you again!!!!!! 

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