Thursday, April 28, 2016

Installation and change context path of gitlab server in linux

Installation :

The installation process of gitlab-community edition is explained here,
Configure custom Context-Path :

Once you install, there might be a necessary to change the context path of the gitlab-server. 

For example, when you install gitlab in an environment then the gitlab GUI would be accessible from the url . But normally you would want to add a context path to it i.e., you would want to access gitlab from the below url

The same would be achieved by modifying gitlab.rb file present in the installation directory.If you have access to the file, then open with default text editor and modify the property external_url to

Alternatively you can use below command to modify,
sudo vi gitlab.rb
Go to the configuration external_url in the file and modify the property to below,
Once you are done with the changes, you should let linux know about the change and to configure gitlab again, this can be done by the below command
sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure 
Once the command is executed, the context path is configured for gitlab.

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