Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How to check the validity of a WSDL

Java JDK has provided a way to validate the WSDL and is done in the below way,

Command to use to validate the wsdl : 

wsimport <<WSDL Url>>

I have a WSDL at the below given url :


Now the browser will not be able to validate the wsdl hence needing a validating step. There can be online validator's or even eclipse plug in can also validate the wsdl. If any of the both steps are possible please go ahead with it, this is the third way of validating where in the guy does not have any access to internet nor does he has an eclipse installed in the machine and in need of validating the wsdl.

Java jdk has provided a way to go ahead with this and the command is shown below,

Note : The above command must be executed from bin directory of a java jdk. Yes, you must be having java jdk for it.

The result of the above command is shown here,

Now if you check the above result, the "parsing WSDL..." is completed without any errors giving us the information that the wsdl is perfectly valid.

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