Friday, April 10, 2015

Queries for faster development

Concatenation of column values :

I want to concatenate one column values and get it as an aggregated result from database,

For Eg :


Result should be something like this


This can be achieved in SQL Server using STUFF function and the link can be found here

In Oracle it can be achieved by,


Note : This works for Oracle version 11g R2 and higher only.

Credits : PadmaPriya Iyengar

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Authenticator is not instantiated via the properties constructor

I am triggering a SOAP request from SOAP UI to a custom gateway of cordys environment which accepts user credentials in SOAP header.

For Ex :

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:oas="" xmlns:ns="" xmlns:ns1="">
<!-- Main SOAP Request which is connected to service group SG1-->

Content which is shown in green color is the security information which I am passing from SOAP UI. I hope people are well aware what ${#Project#username} stands for (i.e., I am reading credentials from properties of SOAP Project).

Let's say the request is targeted to service group SG1 in this case. 

As we know that any cordys service is served using SAMLArt. In this case the SAMLArt will be provided by the custom gateway to the application container. Now when the custom gateway tries to get the SAMLArt it uses the property of the application container. If it does not find the property it might throw you an error which was my case.

I encountered an exception which says something like this, Authenticator is not instantiated through the properties constructor.
at com.eibus.soap.SOAPTransaction.<init>(
at com.eibus.soap.SOAPTransaction.<init>(
at com.eibus.soap.Processor.onReceive(
at com.eibus.soap.Processor.onReceive(
at com.eibus.connector.nom.Connector.onReceive(
at com.eibus.transport.Middleware$

Now I found out the property that was missing i.e., the authenticator class. We need to add the authenticator property to the service group that was implementing my service. This should be done by using LDAP explorer,

The property which is to be added is below,

<authenticator implementation="" /> 

Since I am using CARSAuthenticator in my case. This should be added to the service group SG1 (in the above explained scenario). An example of such updation can be found below,


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Usage of elementFormDefault attribute of Schema tag

Learnings from Gora (

I was creating a WSDL in my project to generate contract first webservices. 

When I imported the WSDL in cordys, it gave me empty namespaces just after the attributes, i.e. it looked something like this :

<!--Cordys Input Structure-->

<SOAP:Envelope xmlns:SOAP="">
    <CreateForeclosureProcess xmlns="">
      <CaseId xmlns="">PARAMETER</CaseId>

<!-- External Tool input Structure, Wizdler (>

<Envelope xmlns="">
        <CreateForeclosureProcess xmlns="">
            <CaseId xmlns="">[string]</CaseId>

I did two things to remove these namespaces.

1. To remove from Cordys : Instead to having a direct element in my Request schema, I created a reference to another element.

Old :

<xsd:element name="CreateForeclosureProcess">
 <xsd:element  type="xsd:string" name="CaseId" />           

Modified :

<xsd:element name="CreateForeclosureProcess">
 <xsd:element ref="tns:CaseId" />            
  <xsd:element  type="xsd:string" name="CaseId" />

 2. Even after doing this, the Wizdler plugin was still showing the empty namespace, then a little research on web gave me following link :

which suggested to add 

to my schema tag as an attribute.

Example :
<xsd:schema targetNamespace="" elementFormDefault="qualified">