Monday, February 10, 2014

One Problem of having CWS and ISVP in a single Environment


 This post is about the problem I have faced by having the CWS content and ISVP content only in one single environment. I have one project's CWS content and ISVP content in my local environment. Now what I did was, I have uninstalled the isvp from my local machine. The UnInstallation was successful but however both the CWS content and ISVP content in the same environment will be sharing common cordys database, while uninstalling the ISVP it removed certain content from the cordys database (Assumable its xsd related content). The process of uninstallation was successful. But now I am facing a problem from my development content. When i publish any of the newly created web service it doesn't succeed throwing the exception which is shown below,

<![CDATA[ApplicationTransaction 'com.cordys.cap.applicationconnector.Transaction' threw an exception during abort.]]></log4j:message>
<log4j:NDC><![CDATA[Running Publishing document(s)
 Publishing HealthMonitoringTool/Web Services/HealthMonitor/ESB-App/Composite/HealthMonitor.ESBApp.Composite.ESBAppCompositeWS
 Publishing HealthMonitoringTool/Web Services/HealthMonitor/ESB-App/Composite/HealthMonitor.ESBApp.Composite.ESBAppCompositeWS/ESBAppCompositeWSI
 Publishing HealthMonitoringTool/Web Services/HealthMonitor/ESB-App/Composite/HealthMonitor.ESBApp.Composite.ESBAppCompositeWS/ESBAppCompositeWSI/GetDistintOrgsFromConfiguration
 Publishing HealthMonitoringTool/Web Services/HealthMonitor/ESB-App/Composite/HealthMonitor.ESBApp.Composite.ESBAppCompositeWS/ESBAppCompositeWSI/GetDistintOrgsFromConfiguration/GetDistintOrgsFromConfigurationRealization
 Publishing HealthMonitoringTool/Ws-App Packages/HealthMonitor/HealthMonitorAppR1
 Publishing HealthMonitoringTool/Ws-App Packages/HealthMonitor/HealthMonitorAppR1/COMM_JOBRUN_WORKITEM_DETAILS.xsd
 Publishing HealthMonitoringTool/Ws-App Packages/HealthMonitor/HealthMonitorAppR1/COMM_JOBRUN_WORKITEM_DETAILS.xsd/Reference_to_00505687-00BD-11E3-E8EE-2679912CB788
 Publishing HealthMonitoringTool/Ws-App Packages/HealthMonitor/HealthMonitorAppR1/XMLSchema_Binary_Reference_WSAppServerSchema.xsd

I have understood that I created a mess first by having both cws and ISVP content in one single environment and second by unInstalling isvp. I have installed the isvp again in the environment and tried publishing the newly created web service. But NO LUCK :( still I have the same issue. This issue got resolved when I restarted the cordys monitor and then tried publishing the service. 

The situation is same for any newly created web service in this scenario. Whenever I create a new web service in my local development server, in order to publish it successfully I have to restart cordys monitor and then try publishing.

Note : I could able to find the resolution, but I wasn't able to understand what exactly went wrong. People can put their thoughts on this and let me know if they have found the reason behind this by giving a clear explanation.


  1. I have modified and regenerated a web service and the issue is no more and I have no idea how it got resolved.

    My Analysis on this is :

    I have created a new web service interface and started using the web service operation from that web service interface. When publishing this service it did not give any error.

    It's so unfortunate for a developer to tell like this but still I have no evidence that this is the solution. So whenever you guys face this issue please try the approach what I have tried and let me know if you could solve it.

  2. Another change what I have done is "Created a CWS container locally" but I don't think this can be the reason but just documenting so that it can be used as referenced.