Friday, February 28, 2014

Broadcast Laptop's Internet to Mobile Devices

This post is intended to the people who wants to use the internet into other devices from Laptop. All you have to is to run few commands in the machine.

It worked for me and right now my laptop is the acting as Router :)

Pre-requisites :
  • I don't really know if this works for below Windows 7 users, but for sure it works for Windows 7 and above.
  • Make sure your laptop is connected to LAN (Internet should be coming to your laptop)
  • Create a shortcut for cmd.exe on your desktop.
  • Right click this cmd and open in administrative mode. 
  • Now type this command in the command prompt

    netsh wlan show drivers

    It will show something like this

  • In the picture an area is highlight which says "Hosted network supported" for which the value was "Yes". Now this should be "Yes", and if this is represented as "No", then your laptop doesn't support hosted network which means this procedure will not going to help you in broadcasting your laptop's internet to other devices.
  • Now once you are sure that the value is "Yes", then below command is to be run (without any delay :P Just kidding)
    netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid="MySSID" key="Mykey" 

  • MySSID will be the name you want to keep for hosted network and Mykey is the password to be set for your network. Once this is run then a Wireless network will be created.
  • Then next you have to execute the below command
    netsh wlan start hostednetwork
  • Last thing which is pending is to share your internet from your laptop to the wireless network created so that your device (Mobiles, IPADs etc.,) can use the internet. This can be achieved by going into (Control Panel ->Network and Sharing center on the left side there will be "Change adapter settings"). Once you click on that you will have a screen similar to this,

  • Once you can see this screen you should be able to locate "Local Area Connection", right click on that and select properties. On the sharing tab make sure you check both the options and select the wireless network which is created just now (You should be in a position to know which one you have created here). That's it. It should work now.
  • Try connecting to the SSID provided in the command above from any of the mobiles/IPAD by giving the password which is configured. You should be able to locate this newly created wireless point in all of the devices. However it is observed that on increasing the number of devices which are connected, the higher is the rate of getting disconnected from internet.

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    Courtesy :
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