Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Transaction Object is null : Coboc Browser : Problem installing isvps which has DTs

Issues related to this:
·         Isvps related to CoBOC Content will not be installed as CoBOC browser will not be functioning properly.

·         When opening CoBOC Browser we get an error “TransactionObject is null” and in the log it will be “invalidTransactionObject”.

Possible reason:
The port number of CoBOC container is not in sync with Monitor container hence even after restart we could not solve this issue. So as a resolution we have created a clone of CoBOC container (port number will be changed automatically and it will create proper connection with Monitor service container) and stopped the main container and let the copy of coboc container in started state (assuming the algorithm the CoBOC service group is in failover mode). Then the issue has gone.

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