Monday, December 16, 2013

Event Service Error - Resolution

The possible reason could be that Cordys BOP is installed in a standalone mode and the network card is disabled. To resolve this issue, 
Go to <Cordys_Installation_Directory>/config folder. 
Open the file. 
Set the property cordys.eventgateway.domain to the value 
Restart the Web server and try again.


  1. what happens if we just restart the IIS without changing the property

  2. That one would be a temporary solution, but once when any request stops identifying its gateway domain then this error pops up again. So in order to get a permanent solution one has to explicitly mention a property which tells every request "if you are trying to find out the gateway domain then here it is". This will be done by adding that property in the cordys file.

    I hope I have answered your query.

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