Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Steps to configure - Custom Error Pages in IIS

IIS Version shown in the below post : 

Before setting up the custom error message in the IIS, the below message is shown.

Follow the below steps to suppress error messages:
  • Goto Cordys Instance in the IIS.
  • Expand the Instance, there you will find the cordys folder inside.
  • Select the cordys folder 
  • Double click the Configuration Editor (as shown in the picture below.)

Now, change the default selected mode to "Application Host as show in the below picture" and make sure Section selected is "System.webServer/httpErrors".
This helps us to change the properties shown below.

Now change the properties as shown in the below picture.
Follow the steps below :

Change the properties as suggested below

  • allowAbsolutePathWhenDelegated = True
  • errormode = Custom
  • Click Apply which will be on the right side of the configuration page under Actions

Now change the mode back to "CORDBOP4312/cordys web.config" and properties as shown in the below.
  • From  as CORDBOP4312/cordys web.config (CORDBOP4312 is the instance name here)
  • errormode as Custom
  • Click Apply

After setting all the properties, now set the path of the HTM Page in the error Pages as shown in the below picture:

  • Double click the Error Pages of the cordys folder
  • Double click 404 row item (Select any error status code which you want to configure, I have configured custom 404 page for my cordys site)
  • Unchcek the check box
  • Set the path of the HTM page
  • Click OK (Refer screenshot for above steps)

Restart the Cordys Site

Now Test the same throw browser and it shows like below

You can find the same explanation in a document which is shared here

Credits : Kacham Naresh


  1. You will have to handle 500 error code manually in case of Cordys by adding a blank document. Else, your SOAP faults won't look like SOAP faults anymore..

  2. You mean to say, if we handle 400 error codes then we also need to handle 500 error code in case of cordys???

  3. No.. If at all you have to change error page for 500 similar to that of 400.. There will be adverse effects on the way Cordys throws soap faults.. In that case, you will have map a blank document as error page with no content.. Try it.. You'll know :-)

  4. I will try that and put it as another post if necessary ;)