Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to get rid of extensions in chrome browser

Problem Statement : 

I have faced a weird problem with chrome browser. My default search engine of chrome was and is "Google" as 98% of population who surf does (Don't know how many people will be jobless if google starts charging :P). On every search I was getting adds from unknown sources which google is not supposed to show unless there is some external extension attached to the browser. I could not get rid of this extension from the browser permanently. 

Solution Approach :

Things which I have tried :

  • There was an extension which was attached to the chrome browser which is "GoSavvea".
  • Go to settings of chrome and extensions and disabling "GoSavvea" extension which was enabled.
  • Now this step helped me solve the issue temporarily but on a new browser of chrome the issue again pops up with option "Enabled" for this extension.
  • Then I have checked by enabling the developer mode and could find out the path from where the extension is being applied and manually deleted the contents from that path.
  • The below picture shows the summary of above explanation

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