Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Publishing the content is ever lasting

Sometimes a possible situation arises when publishing takes ever longing time. This is identified to be due to BPMs in the project as every publish will have an entry for PSL (Published Source Layer). This can be solved by adding a property for cws config


Below is the history behind this problem


Publishing business processes seems to take ever more time.


In the Process Instance Manager (PIM) and from the Inbox you have the option to graphical view the progress definition of the process instance. For every publish of a business process, the design time information is stored in a Published Source Layer (PSL). Each process instance refers to a PSL and in this way we know which version of the process definition belongs to the instance. On every publish of a business process, a new PSL is created. Due to some performance issues, this takes ever more time.


The best solution is to solve the performance issues. For the meantime there are two alternatives:

Processor settings

In case you don’t need to view all versions of the business process from the Process Instance Manager while developing, you can disable publishing to PSL. This can be achieved by:

putting the following line in cws.properties (in install dir\components\cws\config):
restart the CWS processor
Please note that this setting applies to this whole Cordys installation, not only your current workspace.

Fresh organization

In case you do need the runtime versioning of the business process from the Process Instance Manager, there is a workaround by regularly moving to another organization, as PSLs are isolated per organization.

Applies to

Cordys BOP-4 GA, and all it's CU's

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