Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rollback an Application in Cordys

Rollback an Application in Cordys

Today, we tried to RollBack an application in Cordys using "Application Registry".
Everything went fine, but when we triggered one of the BPM instances, the instance was executing using the last installed path, and not the path it was suppose to. (i.e. it was taking the version 22 path and not the version 21 path).
Anyone faced the same issue??
I am using BOP4.1CU6.

Conclusion :
It has been identified as a "Product Defect (or rather say Effect :-) )"
Cordys product team will provide a patch for the same.
Courtesy :
Amit Kumar DH


  1. To resolve this issue. we had two workaround solutions:

    1. Perform Rollback operation Twice and upgrade it to the required version

    ex : If we had to revert back to version 21 from version 22.

    > Perform Rollback first time ..from version 22 to version 21
    > Perform Rollback again .. now the version will be 20.
    > upgrade/install version 21.

    By doing above steps the application will come to version 21. and the rollback issue would not be there as we are installing/upgrading so all the BPMs will be refreshed and will be of version 21 .

    2. The second solution we had was recieved from Cordys support team .

    Recognize the model id and revision id of version required in the Cordys DB, change the status of that particular instance status to "active" from "obselete" manually using db script.

  2. Step 1 shows an Intelligent way of handling this scenario to overcome the bug in the platform. But I would like to have a clear understanding of the second approach. Briefly I understood that there will be entries in some table with model_id and version id and this entry will convey that if it is active or not. It would be very helpful if you are very specific about minute details of this approach.