Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Memory utilization in cordys

Hi All,

We are currently involved in preparing an RCA for a client to explain the saturation of memory on Cordys production server

As I understand, the total memory of the SOAP processor contains the following 

1. Heap memory
2. Non-heap memory
3. NOM memory
4. Native memory

As I have noticed, each SOAP processor consists of Virtual memory and Resident memory. 
I understood from the link below that Virtual memory is the total memory occupied by the SOAP processor and resident memory is the current RAM memory being used up. 

Now, in our case the server RAM usage reached to around 7 GB utilization within a few hours of a server reboot due to a high volume of SOAP requests. However, after the business hours, when the volume declines appreciably the RAM usage does not decrease. As I understand, that Cordys SOAP processors tend to cache additional memory once it has been allocated to them and explains the non-decline in the RAM usage. 

Please share your views on the same. Adding another link explaining the memory.

Janmajay Purohit DH

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