Sunday, May 25, 2014

Execute a web service from JMeter

 How to fire a simple SOAP Request from JMeter:
Goal :

This document describes how do we fire a web service (SOAP) which are hosted in a server (in this scenario I have considered cordys service).

Pre-Requisites :

   Ø  We need to first have which service to be tested.
   Ø  JMeter to be up and Running so that service can be tested.

Steps :
Open JMeter UI (First step of testing will be done from here)

You can increase number of threads and all the configuration so as to test your load. For now I am going ahead with 1 thread which implies 1 user who is testing the service.

Give the details of HTTP Request as shown below. I have highlighted the necessary things to be filled in order to execute a SOAP request.

Once you have filled in all the parameters you have to click on the green button which is highlighted. But in order to view the results you need to have other artifacts.

View Results Tree Sample :

This is a failed scenario. The below one would be success scenario

This one is the success scenario (It is just a sample to show how the success and failed scenarios would be seen although I have modified the request so that the service is successful which is not the point of discussion here.) 

View Results in Table Sample :

Similarly there are many other ways of having the statistics using this tool. 

I hope this gives a kick off for how to start your exploration on using this tool. 

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