Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dependent Application 'isv' does not exist : Resolution

Normally we encounter a error which says "Dependent Application 'isv' does not exist" while installing the isvp. A screenshot is shown below

Reason : As far as I have understood whenever your project has any UDDI services this dependency will be added by default (may be a product bug) but this can be solved by following below steps

Resolution :

Step 1 : Locate the isvp which will be in "isvcontent" folder of <<InstanceOfCordys>>

Step 2 : Right click and open the archive (I am using 7z you can also use winrar to follow this step)

Step 3 : Once you open the archive, you would be seeing isv.xml file (this is where your concentration should be) drag and drop somewhere in your hard drive (I have copied the isv.xml file in the same location where isvps are present. This is shown below)

Step 4 : Open the isv.xml file using some textpad or notepad++ (I am fortunate that its only 1MB, You have to struggle if your application is huge editing this isv.xml would be a challenge)
A view to show the text which causes this problem is shown below
You could see the highlighted portion which must be removed in order to overcome this error.
Once you remove you have to replace this isv.xml file to the same archive.

Step 5 : Over write the isv.xml into archive content (isv)

Step 6 : You can go ahead and install the isvp (You might have to close and open the Application registry not to run into problem while installing again)

Note : Write to me if anything to be added here.


  1. How can we be sure that it's a product bug? I really hate having to check any package before deployment for this error.

  2. it has been agreed by Cordys Support team, that its a product bug :-)
    They have given fix for the next releases of the Cordys, but for BOP4.1CU6 no fixes given yet.